All Your Keys – Compact, Comfortable, & Quiet!

ATTENTION: Are you tired of the bulkiness and chaos of your keys? Do you know the feeling that they stab you when you sit down? Well, there's an easy remedy for that annoyance. Get smart, and get KeySmart! This streamlined key holder helps you organize your keys into a quiet, jingle-less collection that is compact and convenient.

If you're like us, you have a lot of keys. House keys, storage keys, secret locker keys, etc. All those keys can really destroy a nice pair of pants if you shove them in your pocket. Or, if you dangle them from your belt, they can almost be like a medieval weapon, swinging and gouging. Enough. Time to tame your tangle of keys in an elegant way with the KeySmart Key Organizer.

What do you get when you combine Aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware, and a keys? KeySmart. A simple, compact solution to bulky key rings your for traveling or everyday use. That’s it in a nutshell. Pretty simple, nothing fancy.

With the intention of reinventing the uncomfortable keychain, KeySmart was formed in Chicago in 2013. Its main goal was to create a high quality product and combine style and function to produce the best minimalist keychain on the market. After months of research and development, and plenty of customer input, KeySmart’s popularity shot through the roof and has even been included in Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 10 Innovative Products.

The KeySmart is one of the most popular key organizers worldwide. It can hold up to 14 keys in the basic version and can even be extended to hold up to 32 keys.

Over 2 Million Sold in 173 Countries!

Each KeySmart comes with a key fob loop and a set of additional spacers if you’re adding an uneven number of keys.

You can even customize your own unique KeySmart by adding accessories like a bottle opener, a tiny flashlight or USB drives to it. Everything is directly available on their website.

KeySmart Advantages

  • 1. Compact

    You’ll like the convenient compact, streamlined sized. Your keys won’t move around and make a lot of noise. And that bulge in your pocket won’t be your keys…

  • 2. No Fumbling

    Say goodbye to fumbling for your keys are a night out. You won’t drop your keys as much. Because KeySmart’s design you have something solid to hold onto when using your keys. And there is even a cool little flashlight accessory that can be added to your KeySmart!

  • 3. USB Heaven

    It’s so much easier to have an USB key drive with you all the time with KeySmart. There is this absolute cool USB drive accessory that can directly be attached to your KeySmart so you have all your data at the ready.
    Nowadays it is essential to have certain data with you all the time. KeySmart makes it a lot easier to always have the data you need with you without carrying extra devices around that you might forget or lose!

Easily Customize Your KeySmart To Make A Handy Multipurpose Tool!

With a number of cool accessories to choose from, you can instantly turn your boring keychain into a nifty, multi-useful tool. Here are just a few…

Where can I buy the tool?

It's easy. You can buy the tool directly from the website.

NOTICE: As of , KeySmart is still offering great deals that let you get them as low as $14.99 when you buy more than 1!

Plus, each KeySmart comes with a FREE Loop Piece to easily attach your key fob and a FREE 14-Key Expansion Pack!

(Hint: These make great gift ideas for family and friends!)
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